Local Shropshire Attractions

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Bridgnorth Castle

Bridgnorth Town Council
College House
WV16 4EJ

Tel: 01746 762231

Email: bridgnorth.tourism@shropshire-cc.gov.uk

The remains of Bridgnoth Castle are set on a cliff by the side of the River Severn.

Bridgnorth Cliff Railway

6a Castle Terrace
WV16 4AH

Tel: 01746 762124

Email: office@bridgnorthcliffrailway.co.uk

This remarkable funicular railway is the oldest and steepest inland electric cliff railway in the country.

Bridgnorth Town Hall

High Street
WV16 4DX

Tel: 01746 762231

Email: bookings@bridgnorthtowncouncil.gov.uk

Bridgnorth Town Hall is a black and white building erected in 1650. In the 16th Century the view up the High Street would have been uninterrupted. In the centre of the street would have been the High Cross, otherwise known as a Market Cross. Opposite the top of Hungry Street, now St Mary’s Street, stood the 'New House', a raised building containing the office of the town's chief magistrates. On the ground floor was the public wool market.