Escapees to the Country

Without Alastair Appleton and the BBC series Escape to the Country we might never have found Colemore Farm. We applied to the show in early 2010 and by April we were filming here in Shropshire.

At the time the programme was being made we were quite keen to find a site where we could build eco-lodges. These would be eco-friendly holiday homes built to a high standard from sustainable local materials. We initially estimated that we'd need at least five acres of land, and possibly a lot more, to make this work. What we had always said was that our priorities were initially to find a property to live in. Then we wanted outbuildings with the potential for development. And finally, we'd hoped for enough land for the eco-lodges.

When we were shown Colemore Farm and immediately fell in love with it. We realised we had found the first two of those priorities straight away. But the farm stands on just three acres and the area is so attractive that any new building work needs very careful consideration. For the time being the project to build the eco-lodges is on hold: we already have enough on our plates with converting the barns.

Since the programme originally aired we have used the paddocks and the redundant barns to reintroduce animals to the farm and to help reduce our dependency on the grid for our energy. The time may come when we revisit the idea of extending our eco-friendly holiday offering. But when that time comes we'll make sure that we don't do anything that would harm the beauty and tranquility of Colemore Farm.


A U-Turn Around the House

One of the things we initially said on Escape to the Country was that we intended to move into one of the barns ourselves, while opening up the house for our guests. In reality that has proved to be more difficult than we imagined. The practicalities of a fifteenth century farmhouse don't really lend themselves to a successful holiday home.

Instead we redoubled our efforts into turning Frog Mill Barn into a place for our guests to enjoy the surrounding countryside from premium self-catering holiday accommodation. Designed with your comfort and convenience in mind from the very first plans, it means that you end up with a more relaxing and enjoyable stay at Colemore Farm. We hope that you'll come and visit so that we can share this very special place with you.

Contact us if you have enquiries or to make a booking.